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Continuous Computer Forms
Mainly used for printing long reports, statements, etc. They are compatible with all Dot Matrix Printers, and always available in stock

Customized Continuous Pre-Printed
Letterheads, Invoices, Purchase Orders
Our professional sales team offers consultancy and advisory service, designing and the best possible Pre-Printed Form with the combination of your Company Name, Logo, Number of Copies etc.

Bar-Coded Airway Bills
EPFE Specializes in designing and printing of high-quality business forms such as:
- Continuous Stock Forms.
- Customized Continuous Pre-Printed Forms like Letterheads, Invoices and Purchase Orders.
- Barcoded Airway Bills.
- Pay Slips and Pay Envelopes.

Pay Slips and Pay Envelopes
EPFE specializes in manufacturing Continuous Pay Slips, Pin Mailier and Pay Envelopes. These types of products help in streamlining the proceedure for paying salaries, issuing ATM cards, Telephone cards in TOP CONFIDENTIALITY.

Custom Laser Cut Sheet Forms
This forms are manufactured for the use of Laser and Ink Jet Printers, Copiers, Plain Paper Fax Machines, Type Writter and Duplicators. These forms are heat resistant and can be used on high-speed laser printers to get optimum results.

OMR Forms
OMR or Optical Mark Read is a high-speed data caputure using either a pencil or pen to fill in the slected "Bubbles" on a form and having the form read in high-speed reader. Popular uses of this type of data capture are: Lottery Tickets, Surveys and Student Testing.

Snap Sets
Snapsets are used for typing and printing one set at a time on a printer. With no loose ends to wrinkle or shift, part to part registration is ensured to get high-quality printout.

Barcode, OCR and MICR Numbering
A facility to personalize any document. EPFE specializes in the printing of all types of Barcode Numbering.

EPFE is the partner you have been seeking for all your numbering requirements. We can do all kinds of numbering, from the most commonly used to the most complex. All numbering jobs are done (Produced) with our dedication to exactness and accuracy of detail.

EPFE specializes in barcode numbering jobs like Airway Bills, Share Certificates, Cheques, Boarding Pass, Freight Forwarding Documents, Bill of Lading etc.

OCR and MICR numbering jobs are done according to customer requirement maintaining the highest level of quality. Special Machines and readable ink is used for MICR and OCR numbering jobs. Bank and Financial institutions use this type of numbering in order to automate the processing of cheques and other negotioable documents.

Security Printing and Hologram
The introduction of highly sophisticated machines such as color photocopiers, coventional photographic equipment and high performance laser scanners has enabled the effective replication and copying of any security document or authentic product. Thes allows vast room for counterfeiting and forgery practices.


The paper used in our facilites is obtained from the most reliable sources in the world. In addition to the standard security paper. EPFE offers full range of additional security features such as watermarks, chemical sensitized, visible and ivisible fibers that enhance the anti-counterfeit and anti-fraud properties of most demanding applications.

EPFE used the most sophisticated security software for the creation of security designs. Security elements created with our softwares includes GUILLOCHES LINES, Releif and Numismatics Effect, Special Raster Patterns or Dot Shapes, Latent Images and a number of anti-copy and anti-counterfeit features.

Our inks are carefully selected to achieve a degree of security against falsification of documents using different types of security ink such as Fugitive, Invisible, Thermo Chronic Bleeding, Photo Chromic or Optically Variable Inks.

Optical security elements, also known as Holograms, are extremenly difficult to replicate. Even the most advanced color photocopiers and printing techniques have failed to reproduce holograms. The unique security features of holograms are widely recognized as providing the most cost effective solution to problems of counterfeiting and forgery.

ATM and POS Rolls
ATM and Cash Register Rolls are specifically designed and printed using normal and thermal papers. These rolls are available in all core sizes, lengths, widths and can include any custom designs and advertisements

Photocopy and Laser Paper
Universally used paper both copy and laser paper are specially designed for trouble free use in all office equipment such as copiers, laser printers, ink jet printers, fax machines offset printing machines, colour copiers and colour laser printers.

Remanufactured Toner and MICR Cartridges
We guarantee that Laser Renu Toner Cartridges will produce excellent print results on your printer. The exceptional quality of our toner cartridge comes as no accident and is the result of a rigorous quality control program which covers every stage of the remanufacturing process. All cartridges are extensively pre and post tested to eliminate the reuse of critical sub-assembles.
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